Meet The Artist


Hi! I'm Andrea,  mainly known by "Drea" (Dree-Uh). I am a 21 year old who loves Jesus and makes an effort to keep my priorities towards Him first!

 I am married to a wonderful man, who I know as my hero. We just recently got married July 14, 2016 and let me tell you- Marriage is an adventure! But I wouldn't trade it for anything. We are German Shepherd parents to our puppy, Zeke. He is our child, and a spoiled one at that!

Why did I choose to become a photographer? That's an easy question. I come from a family line based off of entrepreneurs. My dad, a successful business owner of Champion Tile, was raised under being a third generation tradesmen, he was trained under the eye of his Amish grandpa. So yes, my family background comes from the Amish- You should go visit them sometimes, great people. Anyways, as a little girl I always had a love for art, and giving that art to people. I never knew I could do it as a full time job!? 

My favorite thing to photograph is a child's birth. I love....let me repeat, LOVE photographing births. AH! I could do it all day, everyday! Gimme all the babies! 

If you are planning to elope, then by all means ELOPE!! There is nothing more romantic and intimate than saying your forever vows to your significant other on top of a sunset mountain. AH! Spend all that wedding money on your honeymoon and the right people to document your day! That's where I'd come in ;)

I love meeting new people, and couples who have a cheesy, yet romantic story about how they met! Need a wedding/elopement photographer or wedding/elopement film maker? Let's meet up and chat!


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